Welcome to KZ ZEX PRO review from a neutral sound fan. Even though I am a fan of the other camp, I must give the company certain rights. So far Zex Pro is the best they could do yet.



Strong thumpy bass

Weighty presentation

Somewhat elevated mids compared to old gens even relative to Zex I had reviewed.

Strong cable



Insufficent tonality

Almost claustrophobic soundstage

Poor treble


Box and other details


Box is a standart KZ box. But the cable is the first new thing I see. Starting with EDX Pro, their (and it’s) cables are hard and strong. 

The unit itself is not much different than Zex.


Slightly dark in timbre. And feeling boxed in is present. Stage width at studio recordings are okay. Tonality is good for its price but there are more tasty and better tonalities for $19.9 (see Astrotec Vesna). Can’t go down below as the pianist is pressing the lowest keys. While speaking about its tonality, weight and bass is HUGE for its price. Unrealistic but fun. Transparency is moderate and treble is poor in quantiity and quality. (Not surprising for a KZ, huh?) Early treble roll off is apparent too. Mids are even though somewhat better than its non pro model, still showing KZ house sound heritage. Deficencies in tonality yet mid segment is slightly elevated. Treble? Err, let’s not speak about it.

Amped Zex Pro

Amped it up with Q5K, and dark timbre didn’t change but many technical parameters improved as well as its dreaded treble region gained quality. The weight of notes aren’t a big deal right now because other aspects had balanced it.

Recabled Zex Pro

I used my standart 6N Pure Copper to see the effect of it’s cable. Now the sound quality is between amped and stock versions. Timbre is still dark but ironically, notal weight is lesser than the stock cable. Tonality is still not that good. Soundstage is improved slightly.


KZ ZEX PRO Review Conclusions

KZ was first and always the brand of the general population. And the general & young populace wanted bass and they gave it. Even though the recent collaborations, its both not easy and not logical to take off your their clothings Thus we have KZ ZEX Pro now. I personally won’t pick it but fun lovers will find their perfect budget iem at it..


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