KBear Dumpling Mahir’s Take

KBear Dumpling our last take here. KBear is a fast shooter with many releases, and they are developing in terms of SQ with every new release. But it is safe to say that they prefer low end in their tunings. See my first impressions below and the actual review will begin with ibasso dx300 powered review.

Below are my first minutes thoughts on 6mm drivered tiny iem called KBear Dumpling. Its made for the small eared and I can say that it’s better than Little Q in terms of bass control. 

%60 volume from ipad pro 2015 is translating into high volume for it. Track is Driving from Live in Prague. Soundstage is wide and deep. This is surprising, but I am sensing some inconsistencies. However, instrument separation is decent. Layering is struggling.

The Pawnshop is around me with KBear Dumpling. While its body is allowing deep insertion, you can hear the organic basses are slightly boomy BUT the clarinet is flowing. 3d imaging is more than decent.

Skrillex basses are bold and shockingly capable of providing tactile feedback. Furthermore, they are not bleeding at all.

《DX300 Time》

KBear Dumpling and dx300

Gain is M, volume is 47/100 here. I am playing random tracks from my deezer review list. The first thing I noticed was the very elastic staging. Insanely wide in relatively calm and simple structured tracks. And pretty successful layering capacity to show you the layers beneath the main line. Okay this is no monitor, but maybe a wannabe with the huge rocket attached after it 🙂 Texturing is just like its tag implies. But it is giving you a wide smile in instrument emphasized tracks.

KBear Dumpling Review Conclusions

KBear Dumpling is either a roadie or an entry into the hobby or daily driver. Its sound signature and price prove that, and all minus points can be forgiven due to the reasons I stated above. Advances in microtechnology and tuning helped make it possible. Here is a non affiliated link for a quick grab while it lasts.

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