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Moondrop SSP Review

by Mahir Efe Falay

Meet Moondrop SSR Review. Moondrop is in the personal music listening field for long time with wide price range variated earbuds and iems that are occasionally successful.

These below are key points of yesteryears famous budget and already reviewed SSR’s brother SSP.

+ Upper mids and a part of treble

+ Clarity

+ Layering (and transparency)

+ Soundstage

+ 3d imaging

+ Texture

+ Speed

+ Changable cable

+ Price

+ Tiny drivers

+/-Laid back


– Hard to drive

– Lower mids

– (Slighly) nasal vocals

– Somewhat bodied without an amp.

– Thin cable

Box, Moondrop SSP, Cable

Box is a tiny square cardboard box with an anime lady on front. Backside is devoted to technical details and frequency graph. The contents of the box is not so plenty save a leatherette carrying pouch. 3 different sized S M L eartips, drivers tucked in the cardboard board and the cable connected earpiece. Its odd, M sized eartip ain’t already inserted.

Moondrop SSP, SSP stands for Super Spaceship Pulse. (I love their obsession with space themes) Inside is a beryIIium coated dome diagphragmmed dynamic driver and mockingly miniature. Very convenient to carry around. Geometric design elements and machine carved L and R labels. While the color of the iem is matte navy blue, goldish yellow dot with a female screw at the base of V shape made it classy. And let’s not forget the noise isolation. Really good for a tiny iem.

Cable is silver plated, loosely machine braided and sheated in transparent plastic adding 1mm of protection and tightness to the cable, raising its longevity. Similar with SSRs. Stress relief on the first connector is okay. Black circle medal at Y split is a nice addition. One side carrying brands logo, the other side is its name in Latin letters. The termination of the cable is weirdly strong. A little large 2 pinned ending with red and no circles at its top.

  • Frequency Range: 20Hz–20kHz (IEC60318-4)
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz–40kHz (1/4 Inch Free-field Mic)
  • Sensitivity: 112dB/Vrms (@1khz)
  • Impedance: 16Ω (@1khz)
  • THD: ≤ 1%
  • Diaphragm: Beryllium-Coated Dome + PU Suspension Ring.
  • Housing material: Liquid Metal Alloy Housing.
  • Coil: 0.035mm-CCAW.


First technical assessment. Timbre is fairly natural. And neutral alongside. The soundstage is somewhat forward and pretty wide and high on live recordings.  This alone ensuring an airy and relaxed performance. Instruments are clearly seperated even without amp power. (Which it doesn’t admit but needs) Layering and 3d image are its strong points as well. Relatively thin (compared to your everyday hybrids) sounstage when unamped brings SSR to mind. Laid back soundstage, natural extensions and lack of sibilance is raising its comfort combined with tiny earpieces.


You get an almost neutral bass, faithful to the record. This means the results vary based on what you are listening. Perfect iem to listen blues and jazz..I liked it, yes. But basshead will find it (the bassy version of ssr) bassless..(hint for bassheads: combine this with an amp to see its feriously shaking puncy bass hits)


Mids are not bass-like neutral. The observable boost at mid frequencies result in a midcentric earphone. Yet no signs of syntheticness. They are smooth overally. But tendance to be shouty when the volume gets past 80/100 level.


I have to use its brother SSR to explain this area. A safer treble (than SSR). Detail levels are very good. Safer means they are not reaching high registers so reduces the sibilance to none. And helping the tonality & musical atmosphere.

Moondrop SSR Review Conclusions

If you have a tiny bit of amping capability and a desire for a slightly bassy and warmish audiophilic experience, don’t miss this out. Musical atmosphere for that price is a rare sight. I thank Shenzenaudio for the review sample.

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